Since 1983

In 1989 former Milford mayor Fred Lisman offered a newly off-line building at the Gulf Pond wastewater plant for use as a nature center and museum. Since then, the building has served thousands of students from Milford and surrounding Connecticut towns in summer camps and other programs.

The Gulf Pond Museum houses extensive displays of mounted birds, mammals, marine specimens, fish, Native American artifacts, reptiles, fossils, and minerals, as well as charts and displays of natural science subjects.

At the Gulf Pond Museum there is an active bird observatory where numerous species are identified as participants sit quietly on a raised platform.

The museum is open by appointment. Call (203) 874-4000 for individual or group programs; birthdays for example.

Gulf Pond Museum

The large center room  in the Gulf Pond Museum building provides seating for students who are surrounded by specimens, charts, and other displays. This room becomes our longhouse during Archaeology camps.

Mounts of all kinds are available for closeup study. Mounted fish including shark specimens  have been donated by local sportsmen. Antique mounted birds and mammals have been donated by other museums.


A short walk from the museum building takes you to the Gulf Pond estuary, also known as the Indian River, or the River of Lost Name.